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■Proven Nail Strengthener

Calgel is a very gentle nail system. Promotes healthy nail growth with no damage to the natural nail.


■Thin and Natural looking

Can be used for natural nails for strengthening, tip overlay and sculpture. A layer of Calgel is thin, so it looks very natural.


■Minimal buffing before application

During nail preparation you only need #240 buffer for the surface of the natural nail. This way your nail stays as it was before you applied Calgel. Less damage to the nail surface from excess filing or buffing.


■Superior Adhesion qualities, low maintenance nails

Calgel is a long lasting system. As salon visits can be saved to about 3 weeks, it is good value for the clients and also time efficient for nail technicians.

■Allows natural nails to respire and does not cause fungus.

Calgel has a gas permeable system and does not prevent moisture from reaching the nail bed. As the moisture released from the nails evaporates through the gel layer, the moisture will not accumulate between the gel and the nails which will prevent the gel from peeling and stop fungus from forming.


■Flexible and will not chip

Less breakage because of Calgel’s flexibility, even after it is cured.


■Easily and safely removable.

Calgel is easily and safely removed with Calaway.


■Extremely low odor

No odors, unlike acrylic and fiberglass systems and less dust, as filing is not necessary when finishing.


■Fast and clean application

Simple, easy and speedy application. Self-levelling quality.


■Stringent quality controls

Reliable quality. Calgel is made in South Africa and has been used in many salons for over 20 years.

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